Birds: Nina, Sam, Max, Petey, Romeo, Juliet, Maxine

Birds - Rosado's
Birds: Nina, Sam, Max, Petey, Romeo, Juliet, Maxine (all died on 10/16/2009)

Nina – Sun Conure (born 2007)
Max – Blue and gold Macaw (born 2001)
Petey – Savanaha mini Macaw (rescued – DOB unknown)
Romeo and Juliet – Cockatiels (rescued – DOB unknown)
Sam – Gulfind Cockatoo (rescued – DOB unknown)
Maxine – Black masked Love bird (born 2008)

First, let me start by saying our birds died to save our lives. If they hadn’t died, my husband, myself and step kids would not be here today. They are our heroes.

I left for work Friday around 4:30. My husband was asleep as well as my step son, which was a little odd thinking about it now. But at the time, I didn’t think much of it.

Birds Max

Around 5:30 my husband calls me and our Macaw was freaking out screaming and it wasn’t his normal screaming. I could tell he was in pain.

Both my husband and I are freaking out at this point because Max is 8 years old and a very happy healthy active bird who never stops talking. He can say a ton of words and is very affectionate.

Birds Sam - Cockatoo

Well about 2 minutes into the call with my husband, the bird died in his hands. I told him this didn’t make any sense because when I left, he was healthy and happy.

So our other birds at this point are screaming and start dying one by one. I told my husband to call 911 since there was something wrong. We both called 911.

Birds Nian Conure

Now as of Friday, we had been 2 days without heat or hot water. We rent and the utilities are included in our rent. We leave in a multi-family unit apartment. All units including ours, had been calling the landlord for 2 days. He kept saying there is somebody coming over right away.

I thought it was carbon monoxide poisoning. We contacted landlord before the 911 call and told him something was wrong because the birds were dropping dead. His words were, “it’s not my equipment.”

Birds Baby Cockatiel

So 911 came and evacuated the building. They took our birds and did autopsies and found high levels of carbon monoxide.

My husband and step son were also treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, which was due to the furnace and a chimney that comes through our apartment.

birds Maxine - Love bird

This is very devastating for us. These birds were our life and they were so healthy and happy and loved.

Their death had no purpose. Had the landlord taken care of his equipment, they would be here now.

Birds - Nina Sun Conure

The fire marshal told us that if they hadn’t died, we wouldn’t be here. They truly saved our lives and that just makes me love them and miss them so much.

We are having a really hard time dealing with this and we just want to keep their memory alive and honor their heroic deed. So if you could please help us with this story, we would be beyond grateful.

Birds Petey - Mini Macaw

Thank you!

We love them and miss them so much. They will never be forgotten.

Luis and Aimee Rosado

Birds Max

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss and the injustice. May your birds rest in peace and be remembered as heros

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