Dog: Kookie – Chino, CA

Dog Kookie - Chino CA
Dog: Kookie – Chino, CA (11/19/1994 – 07/22/2009)

Kookie is a black and white Shih-tzu. I’ve had her since she was 4 months old and was my old time roommate back in NY.

I decided to move to California and I brought her with me as well. I took her everywhere I went. My parents even used to babysit her for me and that’s how close we were.

Kookie was a potty trained, newspaper dog but loved to be outdoors all the time. One thing for sure, she loved to eat. I had my child in 2003 and they became close since my son calls her “my sister”. The rest of the dogs we have are just pets.

We loved her so much and we miss her terribly. I had to decide to get her euthanized since she was having a hard time walking and it was already affecting her brain. I had to let my son say his goodbye’s to her the morning before I was taking her to the vet thinking that maybe we can still save her.

Dog Kookie - Chino CA - Goodbye

I got her cremated so we are both looking forward to that, knowing that she will still be with us and we can take her everywhere.

I know it will take time but it sure does hurt. The other picture is the most recent one that morning that he was saying goodbye to his sister …. thanks

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