Dog: Cinnabear

Dog: Cinnabear – The sweetest little Chow Chow on Earth … now Heaven

Time has a way of escaping you, until the fret filled day you loose the one that so touched your heart. Now time is he enemy, wishing you could go in reverse and hold the one that made your heart complete just one more time.

I was such a proud “Parent”……..Whenever I would take Cinnabear anywhere, everyone became so drawn to her. I can’t begin to tell you how many people approached us wanting to pet her and ask questions about her. Even as recently as this past February.

I had taken her to PETSMART to pick out some treats and get food. I carefully placed her pillow in the cart, then her. You see her little legs were just wearing out and didn’t carry her very well. It seems everyone that spotted her wanted to stop and pet her, asking how old the “puppy” was? When I would say she was 15, they couldn’t believe it. Everyone thought she looked like a little baby bear.

Cinnabear was quiet, reserved, and absolutely loyal to the very end. She was my shadow following me every where I would go. Even when her legs were giving out from a neurological disease, she would not retreat from being my shadow, braving every step until she was upstairs, by my side. My heart will always be broken without her.

My little “Bear Bears”, Cinnabear, was with me for a very short 15 years. She will always and forever be in my heart because she was and always will be “MY LITTLE GIRL”.

In closing I can only say that if you love, truly love, sometimes the decisions you make aren’t necessarily what you want, but you make them because your love wins out in the end. IF you truly love, sometimes you have to let go.

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