Dog: Toby (Pomeranian​) – Cuyahoga Falls, OH​

Toby - Pomeranian

Dog: Toby (Pomeranian) – Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Jun 2003 – Aug 2016)

Toby Pollard, a joyful Pomeranian, joined our family in July 2004, a gift to his first dad, Ed, aka Poppi. He was a bundle of joy and almost was named Miracle. I guess I should explain. Mom asked Dad what he would want to name a boy child, if they were to have one. He laughed and said Miracle. Toby was his back up name, and it fit so much better.

Toby greeted everyone with a bark and a smile, and was never one to pass up on having some fun. He was also VERY smart, for example he would go to his crate without being asked when mom grabbed her car keys. He would watch TV with Mimi, nap with her on the couch, and slept with her most nights. They were pretty much inseparable.

Sadly, Toby died in her arms today, Tuesday August 2, 2016 from heart failure. He had been having seizures the last 12 months or so, but the medication was working and his passing was a shock to us all.

I know from visiting he was a fierce protector of life and property, and anyone who came within 50 ft of Mimi’s house was terrified that dog might get loose. Ok, terrified might be an exaggeration, but he was definitely gonna let you know you were NOT welcome, well, unless you were (apologies to the mail carrier, you never did make it on the welcome list).

Toby will be missed by his half siblings Mike, Laura, Jeff, Brad, and his mom Sandra, as well as by several doting nieces and nephews, as well as grandchildren. Brad was his second most favorite human only to Mimi, and will be sorely missed. He was preceded in death by his half sister Jennifer.

Toby was a buckeye through and through, and could be seen rooting for the Cav’s, as well as the Browns (roof roof!) on any given game day. He was quite excited to wake up and learn about the Cav’s championship win the last time around. He was also quite hopeful for the Browns this year (sadly, this “disorder” runs in his family).

He was a member of the family and will be sadly missed. We hope if there is a heaven, you are sitting on Poppi’s lap, enjoying a beggin strip and a nice rub of your belly.

We all will miss you Toby!

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  1. Toby, what can I say, I loved my neighbor dog. He sure gave lots of kisses and hugs. I always had to help catch him when he would run out of the garage or back yard to come see me. I will miss you my little buddy❤️❤️

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