Dog: Billy – Fox Terrier (Malta)

Pet Dog Billy - Fox Terrier
Dog: Billy – Fox Terrier (Malta) – Jan 18, 2002 – Dec 19, 2014

A tribute to Billy:
Billy came into our lives in May of 2002. At the age of just 4 months he was already a handsome dog, very intelligent, friendly, and strong willed too, characteristics which he carried with him till the end. He walked with confidence and a wiggle through life, being good and naughty, noisy and even nosier with each passing day. But he was a happy dog because he knew that he was loved unconditionally with all our hearts.

He liked nothing better than to bark his head off at everything that walked, talked or flew, but he was one to make friends easily both with family and strangers alike. He was a good sailor too and used to enjoy swimming. Billy was bold and never showed any fear, being an inquisitive one wanting to understand every noise he heard. Being young and agile his favorite pastime was to steal our socks so that we could chase him around the house, although he did continue to tease even when he got on in age.

At the age of 4 years he was joined by half-brother Jake, who although they did not always see eye too eye, they were still inseparable, with Jake depending so much on big brother Billy. Recently half-sister cat Ginger also joined the family, and even though the dog-cat relationship never took off, we still managed to have a peaceful household keeping the boys and the girl in separate quarters.

As Billy aged, he did suffer from a number of ailments which were easily cured and so he continued to move on through life in his usual enthusiastic and happy manner. His body clock was phenomenal and he was so punctual to remind us with his sharp bark that it was time for breakfast, dinner, a treat, or time for a walk.

Unfortunately Billy developed a heart condition a year and a half ago which continued to grow, despite him getting the best medical attention that we could find. He was prone to coughing fits and also fainting, which were becoming worse over time. Towards the end he was hardly sleeping properly due to his bad heartbeat and he was getting weaker, so much so that he was finding it very difficult even to walk. He stopped barking since it was too much of an effort, and in the end he was giving up on eating and drinking.

Billy went over the Rainbow Bridge on 19th December 2014 at 2.45pm held lovingly by in our arms. His bark is no more, the silence is unbearable, and our tears will never stop. We miss you so much, but you will remain in our hearts forever.

Billy has now joined his cousin Bruce, so together they can run in a better world where they will know no pain. He will also be missed by family and friends alike.

Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute, you didn’t grow under my heart, but you grew in it (Anon).

Antoinette & Albert

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