Cat: Porscha – London, ON

August 29, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Porscha – London, ON (Nov 1, 1994 – Aug 8, 2011) Thank you so much for helping me to express my sadness and dedicate my love to such a loyal companion. God Bless

Dog: Brady – NC

August 21, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Brady (Died Aug 8, 2011) Brady with his heart of gold left us on August 8, 2011.  While we are so deeply sad right now, not to have had Brady in our lives for 14 years would have been a much greater loss. He taught us many things about living and [more ….]

Dog: Baxter (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) Durham, NC

August 15, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Baxter was an amazing creature. Handsome, smart and full of attitude. He loved to play fetch with his tennis balls and his toy fish. He fought so hard against lymphoma for 11 months without complaint or self pity. We miss him so much. His absence has left a hole in [more ….]

Dog: Kelly (Dalmatian) – Singapore

August 2, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Kelly (Dalmatian) – Singapore (1997 – 31 Jul 2011) After 14 years of fun and love and happiness, Kelly decided it was time to go on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we were all home. She battled arthritis, had cataracts and wounds that wouldn’t heal, but she still continued [more ….]