dog Tank - English Mastiff

Dog: Tank (English Mastiff) – MI

August 24, 2019 Pet Lover 7

Dog: Tank (English Mastiff) – MI (2009-2019) Tank left us on August 18, 2019, being peacefully put to sleep after a ruptured disk left him unable to walk. He was an excellent dog and will be dearly missed. We adopted Tank in March of 2011. He was quite a bit [more ….]

Pet rooster - Joe Joe

Rooster: Joe Joe – Mechanicsburg, OH

August 8, 2019 Pet Lover 1

Rooster: Joe Joe – Mechanicsburg, OH (Apr 1, 2015 – Aug 1, 2019) Joe Joe was brought home on April 1st 2015. Along with four sisters and one brother. He didn’t stay outside long. His brother thought he was a female and tried to mate. During that activity, he broke [more ….]