Cat: Oddball – Gap, PA

February 24, 2014 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Oddball – Gap, PA (Sep 2, 2002 – Feb 21, 2014) Oddball was a miracle. He survived diabetes for years, shots twice a day for two years and was a playful, laid back, calm and loving cat. He was my baby and my life. He would wait till his [more ….]

Dog: Buddy (Golden Retriever) Madison, CT

February 22, 2014 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Buddy (Golden Retriever) Madison, CT (Jan 13, 2003 – Dec 22, 2013) Buddy was an amazing friend who brought our family so much happiness. His puppy stage was energetic and included the shredding of dozens of rolls of toilet paper, pillows and countless dog toys. In his later years, [more ….]